Week 11: Documenting Your Process

I’ve finally conjured up an product for my AfterEffects assignment and the topic for I’ve decided upon is…the film Sharkwater!

I knew I wanted to do this project on a film of some sorts but it took me a while to decided upon which film. I was scrolling through AfterEffects tutorials online and came across an underwater effect which I thought was cool. From there I realized it would be both interesting and challenging to do this assignment using only AfterEffects a.k.a no outside sources, pictures, footage etc. Off I went with this tutorial to see what I could come up with!

Here is the clip I have for the time being:

Motion Graphics Youtube

I still plan to work on the font and transitioning as well as incorporate music into it before I hand the project in. Though I’m likely going to be showing the clip to my professor at the stage I’m at now, just to get her opinion before I continue playing around with it.

I’m just happy to finally feel comfortable with AfterEffects because it took quite the amount of time to get to this point. Overall, I’m glad that once I decided upon this idea I stook to it and have still only used AfterEffects to create the concept from scratch!


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