Week 9: What’s Your Type

Having talked about typography in one of my previous posts, why don’t I go ahead and put my words into practise! Every day you see hundreds of different fonts, from the subway signs to bilbord advertisements yet most of them go nowhere but to the back of your subconscious. Let’s take a look at a few different images and see how font is used!

Image numero uno:

Whether you know this album or not I’m sure the moment you see the titling a few words come to mind: “psychedelic”, “whimsical”, “woaaaaahh”. The Jimi Hendrix Experience album , Axis Bold as Love was groundbreaking and extremely ‘out there’ if you will, so the font had to be that of the same. What I find to be the most interesting and unique aspect of this font are the serifs. When I think of serifs these immediately come to mind:

Even though these fonts use serifs, there’s something distinctly different with the Jimi Hendrix font. Firstly, the font is just a tad italicized to help create the fluid movement for the text. Then the serifs seem to be almost exaggerated which definitely goes two in two with the title of the album “bold as love”. In my opinion, this bolding of the serifs make some of the letters look similar to music notes which again goes with the fact that this is a music album. Overall I think this font definitely would appeal to the general target audience who would be listening to this album because of how fluid and experimental it is (which is the same as Hendrix’s music!).

Image number two:

If you haven’t noticed that I enjoy music and music-related things then you aren’t reading these posts very well! Rolling Stone, a well-established music magazine. The font has become trademarked and for the avid reader, instantaneously recognizable. Now this font has got a few interesting aspects to it, the most prevalent being the 3D effect. I find the 3D effect gives this font an authoritative feeling to it; it’s forcing itself towards you to grab the reader’s attention. The font has some small details that make it quite unique such as the exaggerated descent on the ‘R’, the near-lacking of kerning (the space between each letter), and the additions to the serifs (‘i’ and “e” especially). I like this font because it feels very clean cut whilst still having definite characters that keep it from being ordinary.

Image Number 3:

Finally, the last image I’m going to take a gander at (at least for now)! Dexter is an extremely interesting television show which plays on the psychology of a good guy serial killer. There’s a few wacky things about the font used for this promotional poster which I think suit the overall show’s personality. Initially I noticed that the kerning changes between each letter. As the letters go inwards, the kerning becomes smaller and then vice verse. Notice how there is a gap between the “D” and the “E” but then the “E” and the “X” are touching. This use of kerning makes the font a tad uncomfortable and strange for the eye since people are accustomed to a relatively consistent kerning. This works with the show since the show itself wants the audience to expect the unusual. The other noticeable aspect that differs this font from other fonts is the notch on the “T” that goes above the ascent line. This kind of makes the “T” look similar to a weapon of sorts which again plays into the shows plot. Using a simplistic font (resembling an Arial Bold etc.) and then adding the additional notch gives the feeling that something is off which is very true to the character Dexter. Overall, a well-though out font which depicts the show extraordinarily well in my opinion.

The next time you’re walking around the city, try to pay attention to all the fonts that you come across! Put your critical hat on and think, “does this suit its purpose?” You’ll be amazed at what you can come up with!


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