Week 8: After Effects and Your Work

This past week I was introduced into the world of AfterEffects. As my teacher, Ginger says

“It’s like Photoshop but moves!”

There are infinite possibilites with using AfterEffects which I am beginning to quickly learn. We started off with several tutorials which specifically focused on text.

For our first tutorial, we learned how to use key frames.  An animation key frame is a single still image in an animated sequence that occurs at an important point in that sequence. Key frames are defined throughout an animated sequence, in order to define important points of motion before the frames in between are drawn or otherwise created to showcase the motion between the two key frames. In short, key frames allow you to save a lot of time because you only have to tell them the beginning motion and where the motion ends; keyframes will fill in the rest for you!


Initially AfterEffects seems quite daunting, there are so many aspects to the program which can be overwhelming. I think having previous experience with Photoshop definitely helped the process of learning this new program. I’ve learned to download the free trials of both programs so I can play around with them at home which I also think has helped.

For my motion assignment I have yet to completely decide on an idea because there are so many things I could do. I know I want to focus on a movie so then I can recreate the teaser to my own liking. Here are a few examples of teasers:


Kill Bill Vo. 3 

The only problem I have been running into regarding the creative process is choosing something that works within the required time limits. We’ve been given 5-10 seconds for our teaser; this doesn’t sounds like much but if you have 24 frames/second that becomes a lot of work. All the ideas I’ve had up till now would be much longer than the 10 second max and would therefore be an abundance of work. The next week or so I plan to sit down and go through my ideas.

I find typography to be a very diverse effect to work with so I plan to focus mainly on it for my assignment.

Up till now, AfterEffects gets the thumbs up from me!

We’ll see if I’m saying the same thing after I begin editing the motion graphics assignment!


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