Week 7- Photoshop Poster Assignment


Artist statement:

My concept for this photoshop assignment was to create an advertisement poster for the charity organization Me To We. Every year Me To We has a number of excursion trip to various parts of the world which are in need to help. The destination I decided to focus on for this assignment being Ecuador, since I went on one of these trips there myself last summer. I wanted to bring a variety of aspects into this poster that both reflected the organization and the travel destination. The main goal of this poster would be to influence the public to either go to the Me To We website simply to spread awareness of the organization but more-so to bring interest to their volunteer travels.

My target audience for this Me To We poster is a relatively young demographic, approximately between the ages of 16-25. It is directed towards both male and females because the Me To We travel groups receive applications from both sexes. The type of person who would be interested in a volunteer trips would likely be adventurous, an interest in travel, a caring individual, and have at least a certain degree of interest in culture. I believe my poster appeals to a person grouped in this category.

With photoshop I was able to creative a very specific design to help achieve my objective. I knew I wanted to use more than one picture to help express the different aspects of a Me To We trip and I think by using a tile-like background it draws the attention of my audience in. I used nine pictures I took on my Me To We trip in Ecuador ,sized them accordingly, and played around with the saturation. I also knew I wanted to incorporate the colours of the Ecuador flag to help further solidify the travel destination. I did this by creating a colour box over the specific pictures and then changing the opacity so the images could be seen through the colour. Moving onto fonts, I simply chose the font I thought reflected the company and suited the target audience and changed the opacity. I want the audience to feel excited when they see my poster and this is why I used very engaging photos as well as definite colours.

Here was my original sketch of the poster:

The challenge I anticipated in the early stages of this process was being able to colour the individual pictures to look seamless. Initially I was going to colour each picture at once but soon realized it would be much more efficient to use the box tool and just change the opacity. The real problem I encountered was related to fonts. It took me a very long time to decide on a font that I thought suited the objective of my poster and then took even longer to decided how to put in on the poster. I tried using overlay but the wording became too blended into the images making it not very legible. After much debate I went back to my favourite tool, opacity and turned it down enough that the reading was legible and didn’t feel choppy.

From this assignment, I’ve definitely learned the ways of photoshop. I understood the general idea behind how to use it but putting the program into practice for a poster I created helped solidify my understanding. This poster piece reached my original goal which I found to be extremely interesting. I came up with a concept from scratch and photoshop made it happen exactly how I wanted it to turn out. I believe my Me To We poster addresses the target audience. Overall I’m very happy with my final product.


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