Week Five: Lighting and Igniting

Nuit Blanche.

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(Pictures taken by Irina No and Natta Summerky)

It’s become one of the biggest art events not only in Toronto but all throughout Canada. The night begins at 7pm and continues into the wee hours of the night ending at 7am the next morning. Downtown Toronto becomes an enormous art gallery showcasing hundreds of exhibits.

I ventured off with a few friends around 10pm and began my journey walking southbound on Yonge street. Before I even hit Dundas Square I was bombarded with loud music and thousands of people swarming the street. I found there to be more simplistic exhibits further North but once I was around Yonge and King things began to get a little more wild.

One event that stood out to me was the Fun House located at Bay St. and Adelaide St. W. The event took up the majority of the street with ropes, light and other contraptions hanging off metal bars. There was a looped video playing the the background to help forcaste the creepy feeling of the exhibit; if it wasn’t obvious enough with demonic clowns walking through the piece.

I’ve always loved the use of live action acting intertwining with film footage. This exhibit was one of the ones that I had to stop for since there was so much going on. Further down the street, continuing the exhibit there were vintage fun house mirrors which I was able to grab a picture of myself in!

Another exhibit I found quite interesting was Planes, 1968 by Trisha Brown Dance Company. Taking place on 1 Adelaide St. E, dancers scale a 13 x 21 foot wall against the backdrop of a 16mm film by Jud Yalkut and a soundtrack of a vacuum cleaner by Simone Forti. The sheer size of the projected film used was amazing and was what initially drew me in. Watching the dancers work with the situation they were in made the exhibit all the more astonishing. Here’s a quick video of the piece!

Finally, a quick mention to the food (how could I not)! There were everything from restaurants to fast food stand to even food bus carts. Having gone to Nuit Blanche the past few years I’ve learned to wait and see all the different places to get food instead of simply choosing the first one I see. This year I stopped at the famous Food Dudes truck. Their menu was gourmet yet reminded me of home and most importantly, cheap! I took a few pictures at the truck!

What I found to be the most interesting was the sheer power of social media throughout this entire event. My twitter feeds had never been so busy with people tweeting about the various events; where to go and what to see. This overwhelming connection of the thousands of people made this year’s Nuit Blanche feel special.

Last but not least, my roommate and I were so inspired by the vast amount of art that we decided to make our own exhibit in our apartment! We named it “Banana Exhibit” and even though it was really just for fun I believe it showed the power of Nuit Blanche. Who knows, maybe my roommates and I will have an exhibit in next year’s event!


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