Week Two: Digital Media

Digital Media.

Quite the intimidating phrase, it’s hard to know the immediate meaning behind it. Everyone has their own assumptions of what falls under digital media. When I first stepped into my digital media class I assumed that the entire class would be based on the social networking world. Having grown up immersed in the internet and more specifically networking sites, I was very comfortable with the topic.

Then..we started the lesson and my understanding of the world digital media changed drastically. The topics digital media covered far expanded past my previous thoughts of simply social networking. I learned quickly that it includes:

  • IM
  • BBM
  • text
  • social media
  • infographics
  • virtual worlds
  • video
  • animation
  • motion graphics
  • graffiti
  • wearables
  • assistive tech

My small bubble of information grew exponentially and I started to realize how big the field of digital media really is. I had no idea how important the field of digital media is and how prevalent it is in my own life. Every day I use so many forms of digital media without thinking twice about it! Through the use of a digital diary I was able to see exactly how often I really use these forms of digital media:

BDC192 digital diary 12:09 Sabrina White

Through this digital diary I noticed the majority of my usage was through internet, social networking sites (facebook, twitter, email etc.), and my cellphone. I hardly ever watch the television or movies but I make up for that in my usage of the internet and phone. I probably spend about half my time on the computer for work/school-related purposes, whether it being simply typing up an assignment or doing research. I wasn’t particularly surprised by these results but I did find it interesting to have them right in front of me in chart-format. This diary showed how much I rely on digital media; it’s hard to imagine a day without somehow coming in contact with a form of it.

So why should a student in the Radio & Television program at Ryerson take a course like digital media?


Because out entire field of work is completely surrounded by it! No matter where each student in RTA ends up in the future, they will somehow be involved with digital media. In a world encompassed by technology, it is so important to be able to understand how and why certain things are the way they are. More importantly, being able to understand the different aspects of digital media simply shows the extent of knowledge one has which definitely looks good in an interview. We can either fight the enormous stream of technological information or we can use it to our advantage; I think we know which is the better option.


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